tiistai 5. syyskuuta 1995

Moose is loose

It was evening, about 11:00 pm and it was getting dark. We call this time between the day and the darknes "the blue moment". The blue moment is the time when mooses are moving around and cross roads frequently. You know moose, the huge animal with the weight of a truck and brains of a chicken?

Me and Maija, my girlfriend, were driving near Lahti. I was doing some what 110 km/h (70 mph) when I saw this huge moose running to the road from the left side. I hardly had any time to break nor make any moves. I tried to brake hard and countersteer towards the tail of the animal. As we were passing I felt something hit the big windshield and I thought we had hitted the tail of the huge animal. Anyway, I managed to pass the moose from it's tail in one piece.

Naturally we on the bike were not the only ones who got scared! The moose got shocked too, I bet! Actually, the moose got so scared, that it let loose a cloud of wet shit. Guess who splatted the moose shit in mid air at the speed of 100 km/h? Yes, you got it.

We were totally covered. From head to tail. And not just by the insurance. Good thing we had our mouths shut.
What did we learn? Never drive fast when it is the blue moment. And if you see a moose running to the road, aim to the ass. The moose is not going to turn back. It also pays to practise. I had practised high speed manouvers on asphalt before and it was worth it.