keskiviikko 14. helmikuuta 2001

What BajaHill??

The MC BajaHill got it's name by the part of the town the early club members used to live in, "Pajamäki". In short MC BajaHill is a virtual motorcycle club for virtual Finnish people. The club was founded about the same time as the DoD (hint, search "DoD and motorcycle and usenet") with a difference that BajaHill as a club nor the KoTL is no secret... Instead, joining requires quite a lot of work (and Finnish language knowledge).

Through out the history of the virtual club the MC BajaHill has been helping several motorcycle organizations over the first steps in the information highway, such as the Lady's Bike Club ry, the SMOTO and the Modified Motorcycle Association of Finland. Today the MC BajaHill web site is one of the busiest and best known Finnish motorcycling sites.

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